The very first post

Hi guys

If you are on this website then probably we have similar interests or looking for a similar lifestyle. Either way, you are very welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay and will come back!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Alisha, I’m Russia born & raised and living in New Zealand now. I love travelling and I have been to about 20 countries so far but my goal is to increase this number by at least 100 🙂

Like many of you, I used to have a reasonably well-paid office job and quite a comfortable lifestyle up until a month ago when I made a (crazy) decision to leave it all and start doing something on my own. I’m just one of the thousands of others, who prefer freedom to 9 to 5 lockdown and living life to the fullest to just living life. This is a new generation of people who are smart, passionate, hard-working and creative, people who like to travel and be free, people who call themselves ‘digital nomads’, ‘suitcase entrepreneurs’, ‘mediapreneurs’ etc. etc. People who choose freedom over comfort.

That’s how this blog & the idea were born in the first place – I wanted to show my way up (or down – there is always a possibility) using my own example. Hopefully, it will be helpful and encouraging for many others to come – either way, I’d love to hear your feedback.

What kind of posts should you expect? Well, all sorts. But I’ll make sure that the majority of them will be my own business experiences, followed by useful advice & tools to use, followed by some photo & video junk I can’t live without 🙂 I hope that’s not too much!

Kia Ora, my friends, and welcome from the beautiful New Zealand.



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