9 things you need to know before coming to China

​1. Visa Citizens of very few countries in the world don't require a visa to enter China. In all other cases visa is essential and you can either get it in your local Chinese consulate or via a visa agent. Normal processing time is 3 working days. Price varies from location to location and usually depends on [...]


Auckland – Brisbane – Bali // 24hr zombie marathon across 3 countries

In January, I got my new shiny passport from my lovely Russian Embassy in NZ. Which meant one thing: I was set free, I was ready to go! The only question was: where to next?... I've chosen Bali as my first stop for several reasons. First: it was warm and sunny! (compared to New Zealand's [...]

Becoming an ESL teacher in China – What You Need to Know

A lot of us dream about doing what’s called an ‘overseas experience’ – and whilst many of us actually go and do it, some people still think it’s either too difficult or even impossible. The truth is, it’s never been easier to get a job overseas – all you need is some research and patience (you’ll need [...]